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What a nice community!

You know, I was thinking, I see that if you weren't alive to experience John or other such events, chances are someone personal in your life passed it on to you. I know I wouldn't know what I know if it weren't for my dad. I was a rather normal Christian until my dad helped me down a path I was always leaning toward -- don't look for good in your box: Look for good everywhere. Thus began a powerful evolution for me, and one story of life I have now is to be good to your children. If we can't believe they're the future and deserve our love and support - and especially deserve not to be brainwashed in any way for any cause - we might as well stop right now.


This isn't a popular thought. Politics and hippies and books and old people don't usually like the thought. Maybe they don't like it because it doesn't leave any room for blame? I believe it's all going to happen.

I believe whatever people want to happen, will happen, and not a second sooner than that. I believe humans won't fix the environment until they absolutely have to, just because that's the kind of place we're at and we haven't evolved beyond that yet. But it'll come back because it's nearly invincible; not as it is, since it's dying so rapidly, but at the core. You couldn't kill every seed of life if you tried. I cry when I think seriously about all the natural beauty that is being poisoned. But unless I were to force you to be like me, you won't stop. Heck, I won't stop either. And I know the soul of every living thing will never be disconnected from me.

I believe small business will make a comeback only after big business topples. I believe it'll topple itself, but people will support things like Walmart until the end because saving 17 cents on bread is saving 17 cents on bread, and that is what people know. They don't know to feel. They don't see their brothers and sisters. People aren't going to get smart until the need arises.

I'm going to recycle. I'm going to save animals. Every bit still counts to me. But preaching the good word doesn't cut it, and I think if I wait a few more lifetimes, everything will happen. Don't tell anyone what to do. Follow your heart, 100%, and if you do you'll see the only choice for me isn't to follow your path but to follow my own.

I also believe sometimes we have to hold it in to make it grow.
Get a peace seed. Your own peace seed, for you.

But I'm just talking. I can't tell you anything.
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