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tooooooo strange~

Bagism begins with you~
Interactivity with other people without prejudice. Did ya get that? read it again, three, four or five or a hundred and five more times. However many times it takes you before the words become heavy as bricks. bricks... Tear down the walls, -O N E  L E T T E R  A T  A  T I M E- use the bricks that you've built your little castle of insecurities to build bridges between one another and stop ~@#~@$#@(edited for the easily offended) hurting each other. notice how even when you read that last phrase that the word (damn, this editing thing really sucks!) ~@#~@$#@ can sting? based on pre-assumed prejudices associated with something, anything, whatever. No one was raised in your home, you weren't raised in anyone else's home and no matter how much we'd like to, we can't walk around in one another's shoes. (besides, I'd look funny in Kay's high heels. *smirk*)

Each day of our existence we are given a beautiful gift. it's called life and it's worth living and more so it's worth living right. We're all guilty of it and I'll tell openly admit I'm no better. We're all a big old bag of issues and skeletons and we spend the majority of our life trying to unwind the string that binds us together in human form. People are so beautiful in ever manner of the word. People are amazing and the less you walk around under your umbrella, hiding from the rest of the world, the more you'll take notice of the pattern in life. it's a beautiful quilt meant to keep us all safe and warm. Life is your favorite blanket, shared with a friend. Life is bigger than your prejudices and make no mistake, karma's got'cher number, baby~ the major intellectually stimulating factor found in the majority of any organized religion is the golden rule~ How do you like to be treated? (shush, Tam, no whips and chains!)

So, where does it begin? The same place everything else in your world began, with a thought. Think before acting and act before it's to late. We're trained to lean towards societies unjust slide rule regarding beauty and power and I fucking hate it with every single dna strand within me. Make a mental note to focus on your insecurities regarding other races, sexes and play connect the dots and you'll find yourself staring into a picture of something ugly that happened to you or worse yet to someone you've read about no telling how long ago. Think of the worst thing you've ever done in your life... Just do it. Now IMAGINE someone else judging you by that and then they turn around and treat everyone else in life based on what you did?!? Nuh, uh, sisters and brothers.

Work on it, baby.
don't forget, it begins with you. welcome to the world I wanna live in peacefully~


just posted the above post after listening to a friend of mine make a mini-rant about sexism and prejudices in today's society and afterwards I said, "what the hell" (no, really, I said that...*wink*) and I did a search for bagism on LJ and lo and behold, here you are~ *tipping my hat and waving*
hello everyone
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